About Me

About Me

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE I am a clinical and consulting psychologist with over thirty years of psycho-therapeutic and psycho-diagnostic experience with adults, adolescents and children in clinics, hospitals, prisons and schools in the United States and overseas. I possess an extensive background in teaching, supervision and management. Experiences include development, implementation and assessment of large, multi-level programs in multi-cultural settings. Clinical expertise is based on training in professionally accredited clinical programs and encompasses a wide scope of mental disorder nationally and internationally.


Psy. D. - Clinical Psychology - Central Michigan University (APA accredited)
Dissertation: The Phenomena of Traumatization and the Re-Formation of the Self:
Theories and Findings on Psychic Injury
M. A. - Clinical Psychology - Central Michigan University
M. A. - Behavioral Science (Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology) - University of Guam



Chinese American Psychoanalytic Association - Member and Teacher 2019-Present

Chicago Circle of the Ecole du Freudienne/ Groupe Interdisciplinaire freudien du recherches et d'intervention s, cliniques et culturalles 2017- Present

Private practice clinical/consulting psychologist/psychoanalyst (non affiliated), Ann Arbor, MI, Aug. 1993 to Present.

Chief Psychologist (Psychologist Manager) Michigan Department of Corrections

Psychologist LLP, Foote Hospital Inc. Jackson

Psychologist and Neuropsychologist/Pre-Doctoral Intern,(APA accredited)  Taylor-Manor Hospital, Ellicott City, MD, Maryland Reception Center, Baltimore, MD, University of Maryland Counseling Center, Catonsville, MD, Central Michigan University and Midland Hospital Center, Midland, MI.  Psychology Instructor, Central Michigan University and University of Guam  Outpatient Director (Social Service Work Supervisor), Guam Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Tamuning, GU,

Psychiatric Emergency Service Supervisor (incl full hospital admissions privileges), GCMHC  Psychologist/Social Service Worker, Guam Memorial Hospital and Guam Community Mental Health Center, Tamuning, GU


Earned degrees in Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Science (Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology).  Strong experience and interests in medico-psychiatric and psychological settings in multi-cultural and international communities.  

Direct clinical psychotherapy intervention in brief and long term formats, clinical supervision, consultation, teaching in private and institutional settings for patients and clients with problems in living, diagnosed mental disturbance and personality problems. Experience in working with individuals of all ages, many ethnicities and in individual, couple, family and group modalities.

Psycho-diagnostic evaluations using personal history appraisal and psychological interview to measure cognition, personality and current distress as understood from many years of applying the framework of standardized psychological testing and personality/developmental theory.  Consulting with patients, physicians, nurses, social work staff, mental health professionals, attorneys, administrators and other resources and referral agents regarding the results of psychological evaluation, recommended treatment planning and general program development.  Study and analysis of the functioning of small, medium and large work groups and systems and implementing strategies to enhance professional quality, efficiency, morale, inter-agency netowrking, program design and program longevity.

Critical incident stress intervention and assessment for post traumatic disturbance in high risk settings.

Providing expert testimony in  litigation proceedings where it has involved the integrity of psychological and assessment programs.  
Admitted as expert in Wayne County in Trauma Psychology.  Maintaining and updating knowledge of health care delivery systems, standards of practice, existing law and policy through membership and involvement with relevant professional organizations and, subsequently, educating staff at all levels accordingly.  Facilitating and partnering in research initiatives with Kent State University, University of Minnesota and Pearson Assessments

Fully licensed as a psychologist with the state of Michigan #6301007041  Certified with the Michigan Psychoanalytic Council in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  Providing and supervising/managing full service psychiatric emergency services including admissions as Allied Health Professional.    Provided neuropsychological screening and evaluation in a hospital setting.


Details available on request


Chicago Circle of the Freudian School of Quebec - Member
American Psychological Association - Member Psychoanalysis - Div. 39 - Member
Section VII - Psychoanalysis and Groups – Former Member
Trauma Psychology – Div. 56 - Charter Member International Psychology - Div. 52
Michigan Psychoanalytic Council – Member
Executive Board Secretary – 2006 - 2012
Certification - Psychoanalytic Psychology 2010
American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) - Associate Member
Michigan Psychological Association – Member
International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations - Member
Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society - Former Memmber