This page is continually being updated.  Some planned pieces include essays on the various experiences of anxiety and depression,  issues in cross-cultural psychology,  psychological distress and physical illness, anger and aggression, psychotherapy and the creative process, workplace and school bulllying and harassment, internet addictions, differences between counseling and psychotherapy, men's psychotherapies, understanding psychological evaluation, the influences of our near and remote ancestors and how psychotherapy can alter these influences, issues with prisons, prisoners and the public, the capacity for and value of solitude and more.   Please note that the contents of these pages is copywrited and has been created for personal use only. Copying for commercial or research use by permission of author.   Thank you for your visit.  Come back soon.

Psychotherapy and Counseling - What's the Difference?

Psychotherapy and counseling are often used interchangeably to describe what transpires between a mental health provider and a client.  However, there is usually a distinct difference between the two.  Most trained psychotherapists can and do provide counseling services but the opposite is not necessarily the case.

About Psychological Trauma

These days one hears the word "trauma" tossed around quite liberally as meaning anything from sadness over a failed relationship to anxiety over a test in school.   "Moving is 'traumatic' for me" a distressed colleague said to me a couple months ago. Could such a seemingly mild event as a move constitute a "trauma"?

About Anxiety (and Illness, Pain, Fear) 

You know what "anxiety" is, right?  Anxiety is that feeling of tension or shakiness or quivering that you experience before you take a test in school or interview for that first job.  Right?  Well yes . . . and no.

For Young Adults and Early Career Professionals

"Hey you're fast!" we think as we watch a really good technophile, competitor, nerd, entrepreneur.

"Wow, that is really original and inventive!" we muse as we explore some random web site, art project, new business, even a new movie.

"I wish I could do that . . .be like . . .have that . . ." we might murmur to ourselves watching some favorite icon, star, athlete.